Hello! My name is Sue.

I’m a versatile Data Analyst who loves leveraging visuals to showcase data. Sometimes visuals are just what we need to make uniform decisions that benefit a department/company in the long run.

Pie charts, analytic dashboards, and/or bar charts are just a few ways data can be visualized. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

Feel free to browse around the site to see what I’ve done with Oracle Business Intelligence, Tableau and other data visualization tools!

About Me

Born and raised in sunny California (I’m spoiled by the weather and can’t live anywhere else – aside from Hawaii probably).

A huge fan of any food that involves soup and noodles. Ramen anyone?

Oh and if you share a love for Chinese dramas, I would love to discuss the latest dramas with you.

I think I can pretty much name most of the recent ones that just came out by their English name OR Chinese name =)